Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange was when the Europeans, Africans and Asians came to the Americas and took what they wanted and gave the Native Americans what was left over. We wouldn't have stuff like steak, bacon, or even sausage.


Grapes came over from the new world. If we didn't have grapes we wouldn't have wine in the new world.


If we didn't have horses then we would not have had a way to get around other then foot a long time ago. We also have horse races today. Horses came from the new world.


Cows came from the new world. Without cows we would not have steak. Cows also provide us with hamburgers.


Grains gives us rice, oats, wheat, and berkly. Grains came from the old world.


Sugarcane came from the old world. Without sugarcane we would not have sugar so where we live down south we would not have sweet tea.