Goddess Girls
Pheme the Gossip


    This story all took place in MOA (Mount Olympus Academy). It mostly took place in the hallways,  the goddess girls' rooms, and the cafeteria.


      This book is fantasy because none of this can really happen in real life. It also isn't traditional literature because this isn't a legend or folktale.

                                                                   Important Events

        It was important when Pheme was reading Athena's diary scroll because reading the scroll made her hands magically turn red, which made Athena suspicious. Also, it was important when Pheme found Phaeton hiding because Phaeton was the one who stole Artemis' chariot. Finally, it was important when Athena challenged and cast a spell on Pheme so she wouldn't gossip for 24 hours because she wouldn't be able to tell any secrets, and she's the goddess of gossip.


         Why didn't Athena lock her diary scroll so no one would open it?

         Why didn't anyone believe Helios was Phaeton's dad?

         Why did Pheme want to have wings and not shape shifting, a chariot, etc?