The Life Of John Dalton

"John Dalton." Science in Dispute. Gale, 2010. Global Issues in Context. Web. 10 Oct. 2014.

by matt and koby


Some where around 1790 John Dalton discovered the atomic theory in his labs which then he went on to talk about in what he called "experimental essays".

5 facts/sentences

1. Dalton's atomic theory had four rules

-All matter is made up of atoms.

-All atoms in an element have the same mass and properties

-Compounds are made by a combination of two or more different atoms.

-A chemical reaction is a rearrangement of atoms.

2. Many unexplained chemical phenomenon were quickly explained by the theory.

3. Dalton also created the atomic theory because he thought it would help others of understanding of why water absorbs different gasses in different proportions.

4. Dalton based his theory of partial pressures on the idea that only like atoms in a mixture of gasses repel one another, but different atoms appear to react toward one another.

5. According to "" the atomic theory was not accepted for many years because Dalton included an additional claim.


4 random facts

according to "" he

1. Born September 6, 1766.

2. Developed the first atomic theory.

3. Joined his older brother in a quacker school.

4. Died July 27, 1844.

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