The Gardener by S. A. Bodeen

Carlos Valdez

Before reading The Gardener, i thought the book was going to be about gardening in a greenhouse.

Evolution is change in heritable traits of biological population over succenssive generations. In The Gardener is important because in the troDyn ....

A heterotroph is an organism that cannot fix carbon and uses organic carbon for growth. In The Gardener, they talk about heteretrophs because

Photosynthesis is  a proccess used by plants and other organisms to cover light energy, normally from the sun. Photosynthesis is important in The gardener because....

Autotrophs are an organism that produces complex organic compounds from simple substances present in its surroundings. Autotrophs are important in The Gardener because....

The setting of the story- in the troDyn do the experiments with the humans when they can do it with the animal.

Human experimentation- I think human experimentation is bad because they can loose the life of a human doing the experimentation. I think they need to do the experimentation with something else.

Climate change or global warming- is a change in the statisticaldistribution of wheather patterns when that change last for an extended period of time. the problem is because people cut the tress.

Food crisis- is when some people don't have nothing to eat. the problemis because the weather change and causes a damage on the city

The Karner Blue- is an endangered subspecies of small blue butterfly wich was once found in significant numbers in the miller beach community of the indiana dunene national park

The karner blue is important in The Gardener because the butterfly is an animal that can be study and in the trodyn they do the experiments with the humans

The seven generatio principle and why is important in The Garder- some people sell the trees to the other people to make money and is important in The Gardener because they use the trees in the troDyn

Connecting climate change with the food crisis- the climate change cause that the people pases for the food crisiss because the extreme change in the weather and causes a destruction or somethig and that is why the people are in the food crisis

sumarize "dear future generations- the program was dedicated to the BBC'S wast out of children's program

common themes- some people sale trees to other people they sale the trees they are builders so they make money

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