Hydraulic Fracturing

Directions: At your own pace read through this tackk and explore the array of information posted. Answer the question at the bottom of the tackk responding through the message box. Once that is complete post a response to your blog (use the button below). Blog about what you gleaned from this tackk and respond to at least on other classmate's post.

Take a look at all of these Photographs, pay particular attention to the diagram about the process of fracking.

Did you know fracking could occur in our backyard? Click on the link to read about possible health risks.

Note key details presented in the video clip. Be sure to include at least two details in your blog post. Question to Ponder: Did this clip change the way you view Hydro-fracking?

Have you Heard of Gasland?

Josh Fox created a documentary called Gasland that documents and explores Hydraulic Fracturing across the United States. He plans to release a sequel titled Gasland 2.

Respond to the following Questions: Post responses in message box

  1. Do you think Hydraulic Fracturing is good or bad? Why? (Be sure to use evidence)
  2. How does this relate to Rachel Carson and the use of DDT? Explain using examples.

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We will be having a class discussion based upon those responses and the question posed above.

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