My Happiest Childhood Memories

Joel Morales Apaza

I have happy memories of my childhood when my mother took me and my brothers to divfersiones park, but if you ask me which was my favorite game was obviously the carousel, one in which I appear in the photo.I remember my mother took me to an amusement park when i had good grades in the courses that I found most difficult.

I remember when my uncle went to the Navy Peru, my whole family together we would visit every weekend and we spent great moments with him as he told his stories, my brother and I loved to listen and think about what impportante and funny that came to be a sailor, but now I do not think it would have liked because mine is civil engineering.

when I was 10 years old and my brother was 7 years old, one summer vacation all my family went to Ica and in that short week I remember meeting many people and have made many friends with whom I played every day and I it seems that if I were to travel and see the holiday as well as recognize those full of joys not forget.

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