Chapter 3 Summary

Tahmid Rahman

what is a software? programs and other operating information used by a computer.

writing software: A writing software is a program to make applications or create other programs.

There is a variety of softwares that already exists, but they are divided in two major categories. There is system softwares which is a written to control and make use of the hardware. Also there is applications which do the real world tasks that the users want. Applications need to make use of system software in order to make the hardware to do what is required.

system software: system software is a computer software made for operating and controlling the computer hardware.

operating systems: operating systems are a big collection of programs telling the hardware what to do.

the first few computers didn't have operating systems, therefore they had to directly input instructions by setting switches or plugging in jump leads. computers could only run one program at a time when they didnt have operating systems. during later years operating systems were made in order to make a better use of CPU's time. it was used to make the CPU work in a efficient manner instead of being idle. operating systems are mainly used to run applications except the programs that have self-booting.

interfaces: a device or program allowing a user to communicate with a computer

command line: typed commands are given to the operating system

Nearly all operating systems allow the user to type in commands. it is a preferred way to operate a computer because it allows great customization.

firmware: the can be used and loaded onto a disk when required. this can be run from RAM

servers: sever is a software that responds to the requests to other programs

Applications: applications which is reffered to apps, these are the programs that do the things we want. applications are usually bought from developers or downloaded for free from online. a basic application is to set up mail filters. this is an form of application software.

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