Attention all lice and diseases! Surveys from ticks have proven that British and French blood tastes better than German. After all, you are what you eat! Everyone knows that the German eat fatty meats and beans, and the French eat delicious and hearty foods. The soldiers in the German trenches are a lot healthier, whereas already 15% of the british soldiers are sick from all the lice diseases like pyrrexhia. Less healthy soldiers means they're better targets for food! So if you're looking stay without the sacrifice of juicy and delicious flavor, don't go to the German trenches! Also, the British like to burn off ticks and lice! Do you want to be burned to death? NO! Down in La French Trench there's only inefficient tick baths that don't even kill off eggs and larvae. So come on down to THE FRENCH TRENCH!

would you rather have this......


Trench Foot Battle

The Triple Entente is becoming smarter and finding ways to avoid getting trench foot! Trench foot might be able to win the fight against socks, but can you beat 10 gallons of whale oil? Every day British soldiers change their socks and dry their feet three times a day? You can beat that without even trying! But can you beat a batillion of whale-oiled feet? are you up for the challenge? In 1914-15, you've beaten 20,000 men- YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!

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