Independence of Yugoslavia

-A postwar communist regime came to power without the assistance of the Soviet Union

-Marshal Tito strictly ruled Yugoslavia until his death

-After he died, his resistance to Soviet assistance led Stalin to expel Yugoslavia from the Soviet bloc.

-Soviet Union gave members of the eastern bloc. economic and military assistance

-Tito wanted to maintain good relations with eastern European communist states and nonaligned nations

-After Stalin’s death, 3 communists leaders openly criticized him (one of them being his own successor, Nikita Khrushchev)

Nikita Khrushchev

-Nikita Khrushchev gave a secret speech at the Twentieth Party Congress bashing Stalin in 1956

-He started the policy of de-stalinization because he saw it as the end of terror and partial liberalization of Soviet society

-De-Stalinization occurred: encouraged leaders to try new things politically, lasted from 1956-1964

-Officials destroyed pictures of Stalin and rewrote textbooks to make rid make it clear how horrible he and his reputation were

Hungarian Revolt

  • When de-stalinization reached Hungary, Hungarian citizens wanted democracy and wanted to break ties with Moscow and the Warsaw Pact
  • Two communist leaders formed a partnership government and declared neutrality and withdrawl from the Warsaw Pact (Soviet leaders did not like this)
  • Soviet tanks came to Budapest and stopped uprisings
  • Soviets gave Kádar power: communist leader
  • He secretly executed Nagy
  • Strictly believed in pro-Soviet authority

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