Petronas Towers

By: Alexis and Rachele

The PETRONAS Towers are located in Kuala, Lumpur,and they were completed in January 1st, 1996. They are the tallest twin towers and fifth tallest skyscrapers in the world. Twin towers measure 378m (1240ft). The bridge is 41st and 42nd level and 58.4m. It has 32,00 windows and it has 88 stories. The towers have an art gallery, and 840-seats concert hall, and an underground parking lot. Allen 'spiderman' tried to climb the Pentronas Towers with his bare hands and feet on March 20th, 1997 and reached the 60th floor where he got arrested.

8 Facts

- Petronas Twin Towers were the tallest buildings in the world until 2004, when Taipei 101 took over the title.

- Petronas Towers are still the tallest twin buildings in the world.  

- Petronas Twin Towers make use of glass facade that was designed to resemble Islamic art motifs.

- The entry to Petronas Towers is free, but only a limited number of timed tickets are provided on a daily basis.

- The Sky-bridge, which connects the towers, remains closed on Mondays.

- It cost US $1.2 billion to build Petronas Towers.

- The sky-bridge of Petronas Twin Towers is at 41st and 42nd level and is 58.4m (192ft) long. Itweighs 750 tons.

- The main occupant of the Petronas Towers is Petronas, the national oil

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