Kathleen Garcia :">

Hi, I'm Kathleen Garcia :)
It simply my importunate sometimes moody person sometimes I also quickly bored especially captivating super pissed they coax me but I'm just not that your little vain I badtrip, abusive, bullying people, but I also really missed not turn right only.
I'm also not keen to make up correct me your simple yes I'm using make-up but have to just events but also eliminates the lipstick I just settled Yun even enjoy telling me to make-up he claimed that I even just little, but more settled to me that I'm simple.
By the way i like to listen songs like the lovesong, I also love to watch the lovestory, sometimes horror movies, comedy also. I also play badminton and volleyball but also the rare seldom I just trip. I am keen to roam with my friends sometimes where we do not often where. Sometimes I include my family stroll, we also eat out like bonding to family members.
My favorite colors are pink, red, violet I also black but not my favorite I just want it to be included in another color.
I like Hello Kitty like other women inclined do. Thats all THANKYOU :))))

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