The Beauty Around Us

Anne Frank Tackk, Kaylan Privette, 3-18-14
Period: 6

"What a lovely, lovely day! Aren't the clouds beautiful?" (Goodrich 951.)

In the play "The Diary of Anne Frank," the main character, Anne, has a conversation with Peter, a boy near her age who is also hiding with the Franks. She tells Peter not too lose hope, because one day they will be out of hiding, and the war will be over. She says "When I think of these good things, I'm not afraid anymore..." (Goodrich 952.) When Anne thinks of all the beauty and good in the world, she says it takes away the bad things. Anne still believes that people are good at heart, and there is still hope. She believes that with faith, they will get through it. She shares how she feels with Peter because she thinks he is starting to lose hope. Maybe he really is, because he shares with her that he's tired of waiting around for something to happen, that might not even happen. He has lost the faith and determination he had when he first went into hiding. Anne has this conversation with him because she wants him to have hope, stay positive, and she wants to bring him out of his despair. Anne hopes to get out of hiding soon, and she seems pretty confident they will. She is patient, and has a lot of hope. Whenever she starts losing her faith and positivity, she thinks of all the wonderful and beautiful things in the world. I chose the image of the flowers and trees to show the wonderful things Anne thinks of. She says she thinks of her walks with her father and blooming flowers.

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