These Rocks Will Rock Your Socks

Connor Smith

The three types of rocks are igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary. Igneous rocks are made when lava comes out of a volcano and when the lava comes out and cools, it turns into basalt rocks. When the lava can't escape, it cools inside the earth and turns into granite. Both are types of igneous rocks. The rocks that form inside the earth are called intrusive rocks and the ones that form outside the earth are called extrusive rocks.

Sedimentary rocks form when items sink to the bottom of the ocean then items like sand and rocks cover the dead plants and other items. these rocks have many layers that are visible and are often lines on the rock. the sedimentary often have sand, plants, animals, garbage and more in them. it takes some ocean mining to get the rocks since they form at the bottom of the ocean. They can also be in coral reefs. Some fish rely on these rocks when allege forms on it.

Metamorphic rocks are the the weird ones of the bunch because unlike other rocks that form by plants or animals, metamorphic rock are formed by other rocks. Kind of like inception. When a rock lets say a igneous rock is 300 feet deep in sand, then the rock will experience pressure from sand on top of it and heat from the middle of the earth will turn it into a rock that is a metamorphic rock. Watch this 50 second video about these rocks.

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