He was an archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 until someone murdered him in 1170. He was considered a saint by both the church and the communion.

The told people that only the Catholic Church could save them from going to hell. the fear of going to hell at this time was a very serious fear.

The person in charge was the pope of Rome, but the most important person when it came to the church was Thomas Becket. He was in charge of many things including in helping out in the English army.

Henry Vlll was good friends with Thomas Becket so no one was surprised when he appointed him as the archbishop.

Henry Vlll and Thomas were good friends when Thomas became archbishop. They enjoyed hunting, playing jokes, and socializing together. Becket was known to be a wine lover and a good horse rider and so was Henry so this made them Great friends.

Thomas was apart of a wealthy family.. that was a Norman merchant in London.

He was educated in England, France, and Italy he then joined staff of Theobald, in Canterbury.

When Thomas was chosen to be the archbishop, he started showing concern for the poor. He had 13 poor people be brought to his home and he let them wash their feting and feed them a meal and then gave them 4 silver pennies.

Becket wore non-expensive clothes, he also slept on a stone cold floor to punish himself for previous sins.

Thomas Becket went into conflict with Roger of Clare, Becket wanted to control his land, when Roger didn't agree Thomas sent a messenger to give Roger a letter that asked him to come to a meeting and when Roger received the letter he sent the messenger back and made him eat the letter.




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