I don't know grey, but my love isn't black and white

My love is blue like my eyes right before they shut as I lean in to kiss you in the middle of your sentence leaving you breathless, though you always lean in for more

My love is the pink before the 9 o'clock sunset we spent all summer watching like two kids discovering the world and our fascination only faded into admiration as we promised we'd be watching this same sunset together in 20 years

My love is as purple as the midnight sky during a thunderstorm while I beg you to sit in front of the biggest window in the house with me to catch every stroke of lightening brighten the darkness that has come over the sky and how I'll never forget you stayed until the last lightening struck

My love is brown like the tea I made you in the morning before work because you knew it was the only way I could say "I love you" without being afraid

My love is red like the lipstick stains I left on our sheets last night when we drank too much and stayed up late and that night I didn't dream of much but I hope years from now you dream about my rep lips kissing your neck and how we laughed until we cried and nothing was too serious and how I felt free and I hope you did too

My love is too spontaneous and unpredictable to be black and white but it isn't grey either, my love is imperfect and genuine.