By Ryan Schell

Basic Facts

  • Population is 3.5 million
  • The Capital is Panama city
  • The currency is Balboa
  • Surrounding countries are Costa Rica and Columbia
  • Official Language is spanish
  • que sopa? and to cul are a native expresions (they mean whats up and all good)

3 Famous places are

  • San Blas Islands are a place were the Kuna live and for a nominal fee have exclusive use of the island for a day.
  • Coilba national marine park is a place on the biggest island in all of central america and has more then 800 species of marine life.
  • Sendero Los Quetzales is one of panamas most beautiful is a 5 mile trail and ends in the mountains of Boquete.

Food and Drink

Food:Hojaldras:Donuts with sugar

Tortillas:pancakes topped with eggs,cheese and beans

Chincas:juice with added water

Chicheme:corn based drink with sugar,cinnamon and water

Climate and Geography

Climate:tropical weather with hot humid and cloudy.there are rainy (May to January) and dry seasons (January to May).

Geography:Panama has lots of  forests and mountains  

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