A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Michael Klee
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

Mountain Dew Kickstart
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

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Mr. Smith



Mountain Dew Kickstart

My first real introduction to Mountain Dew was when it was mentioned by Texas Ranger in the movie "Talla Dega Nights". Texas Ranger refers to himself as being "all hyped up on Mountain Dew". Mountain Dew has recently come out with their wake up energy drink, the "Mountain Dew Kickstart" which was recently mentioned in a Super Bowl halftime commercial. This Mountain Dew Kickstart commercial "Get Up And Go". This simple yet complex commercial uses a great combination of: ethos, logos, and pathos to convince the audience to get up and buy a Mountain Dew Kickstart.

Mountain Dew is making the argument that a Kickstart will make your life more interesting. From how the commercial is run it made it look like a Kickstart will really make your life more interesting and more fun. The commercial shows stereotypical boring young nerds playing video games in a dim basement. Once drinking a Mountain Dew Kickstart everyone and everything in the room starts dancing and the video gamers get up and leave their dark, dank, musty basement. The Main message from this commercial is a Mountain Dew Kickstart can make someone uncool and boring, instantly fun and more likable. Mountain Dew is a big company and has been reliable for many years. Most people know that this commercial is computer generated and a Kickstart will not make inanimate objects come alive. This commercial is very likable and makes most people laugh.

The only real ethos used by this commercial is the reliability people have in the Mountain Dew company. Mountain Dew is owned by PepsiCo which was formed in 1965

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and has been a very honest profitable company for all that time. Mountain Dew was first made as a mixer, a soda that would pair best with a liquor, in Mountain Dews case it was whiskey. The name itself Mountain Dew was originally a slang name for moonshine.

If you are a boring dorky person this commercial makes it absolutely logical to buy as many Kickstarts as possible. The logical arguement is that Kickstart can be added to any situation and said situation will become much more interesting and better overall. Everyone has been down and everyone has had an off day this commercial proves a Kickstart can fix that. The humor of the dancing in this commercial makes the viewers like the commercial more overall. For someone who is not energized and is feeling down a Kickstart can energize you and wake you up. At the end of the commercial it sates the Kickstart energy drink contains Coconut water, people who are looking out for their health and trying to stay hydrated drink a lot of coconut water so this is how the Kickstart energy drink appeals to these healthy people.

Pathos the appeal to emotion is the key to making this commercial a good commercial. To start off the environment of the room is dark boring and dull but when one of the video gaming nerds takes a sip on a Kickstart the music starts and the bass drops, this gets the whole audience excited and interested. The song featured in this commercial is "Out the Speakers (feat. Rich Kidz)-A-Trak,Milo & Otis, Rich Kidz" this is a techno dub step like song that gets people's blood flowing and their hearts racing. Next, everyone, including the dog, starts doing really cool dance moves; these stereotypical boring people would never attempt. The small scuba diver in the fish tank start hip thrusting and dancing provocatively, which emotionally gets people thinking provocatively.

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In conclusion, this commercial emotionally engaged the audience so much it didn't need any of the other appeals. This commercial proves logos is not needed when the pathos of the argument has left us totally convinced

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