Explorer Proposal

An early explorer

    I was born in 1536 in France to a family of experienced sailors who have all made successful journeys across water, so I decide to carry on the skill.  And then, one day at a beach I looked out into the regions past the water and got intrigued of what might be in the far regions of the Atlantic Ocean.

    I felt really curious and years later when I grew up, I decided that I, Samson Nimmalan, would find the supposed new land spoken of by past sailors. I would leave one year later in 1562 to find gold, land, spices, and other riches for my country and me. I request permission from the rulers of France, the House of Bourbon, to fund my quest.

Early explorer ship

    A crew worthy and brave enough will be needed to accompany me on this adventurous journey across sea. Adequate supplies such as weapons, food, water, and medicinal herbs are required. For decent transportation, I will need a ship large enough to fit my crew and supplies.

    Due to competition for the new land, other countries such as, England and Spain are racing with each other and me to get it. The only way to confront these two countries' explorers is to meet them on land. I shall make peace treaties and land borders. If neither choices work, I shall wage war against the explorer(s). I will settle in the area around the Missouri River as a start.

Map of Missouri River

One more problem are these "Native Americans" the past sailors have encountered and spoke about. Like the explorers I will meet, I shall make a peace treaty or wage war when we run into them. Diseases have come oversea to France by previous sailors. That is a big obstacle I should watch out for. My father's friends told him that on their voyages, they never had the right amount of food, so many crew members died due to starvation.

    As a result of arriving, my crew and I plan to pan for gold, mark territories, spread our culture(s), and collect other riches. After I return back to my homeland, I plan to give most of the gold and riches to the government and keep the rest to my crew and myself to trade in for money. We shall do our best to make this quest a success.

-Samson Nimmalan


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