Choose belongs to your office desks and chairs

Professional psychological expert thinks the color of office furniture - is related to the mood.Red make a person excited, blue let a person calm down;Depressed people easier to produce passion from the red ;Blue can make people feel depressed and lonely;The dark can make the person produces contractive feeling;Light color give expand feeling to person.Different nature of the office environment to set the color according to demand.

The color of leaders’ large chair should be deep. The color of unit office is not only overall, but also by local color differences to distinguish between different levels of employees.The desk of the ordinary employees of the company, for example, light grey, staff chair for wine is the lively ornament of the whole office furniture cold tonal , and can make the leadership be clear to see which employees is not on the seat;If the desk of the middle managers and senior management personnel with wood grain brown, then the seats are suitable for setting to blue gray.The black chair of top management shows the solemnity and authority.

Style of conference rooms and offices should be different. Many companies meeting room and office are almost the same, just changed its desk for the table, cannot make all persons focus on the speaker; And some companies conference room decorates as the leadership' office, it is feeling the lack of democracy.Actually, the mass-tone attune of the room and office is consistent, but the color of the tables and chairs can approximation of middle managers' to make employees feel up a layer, and senior management personnel leaned over to listen to, to make all the people who attend the meeting can be equal to speak freely.

Enough warm and sunshine letting a person happy, but some shady office with no windows and even feel cold , so it is best not to use cool color , thus set brick red, Indian red, orange color to decorate can make someone feel warm.

Creative personnel office is best for use light color.Ask staff carefully, steadfast work office, such as scientific research institutions to use light color; Need the staff actively thinking,often discuss with each other's office, such as creative planning department to use bright,vibrant colors as an ornament to stimulate the staff's imagination.