Solar Strike

where everything is electronic


  • You can't speak
  • NO school
  • NO facial expressions
  • School is taught through phone
  • Always have a charged phone
  • School statrs whenever you wake up
  • If you obey the laws the government will pay you so much money a month


  • Lazy
  • Everything is electronic, phone, computer, etc. ( your roof consists of solar panels)
  • PJ's and sweaters are the normal everyday clothing, or comfy clothes


  • The common foods are beef jerky
  • Another food is candy


  • Any kind of music
  • Electric Dubstep

Charter of Rights and Freedoms

  • Your allowed to say anything through electronics
  • Your right to a home, life, property



King Sulivan and Queen Maria

They make the final desision and they care for and protect their subjects.

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