Haiti in the 1960's

Katie Wells

Papa Docs Son "Baby Doc" as the Ruler of Haiti

Baby Doc (Papa Docs) son began to rule after his father had died at only 19 years old. He ruled in his fathers footsteps which people didn't like so people of Haiti started to fleet from Haiti due to the government.  After a 15 year term Baby Doc and his family fled to France even though he was still ruler.

Papa Doc as Ruler of Haiti

The government of Haiti was a Dictatorship and Papa Doc was the ruler who was apart of the National Unity Party. As in this picture you can tell that the people of Haiti are protesting against him. The people protested because they didn't believe in Papa Doc and how he used violence to rule the people. If anyone had been viewed as an opponent of Papa Doc during his presidency they would be assassinated.   

Policies & how they affected the people

Papa Doc and Baby Doc ruled by using violence and political instability which the people didn't like. The people of Haiti were afraid of Papa Doc but wanted to overthrow him but if anyone came after him he would use his Violent Military Police force who tortured or killed them.

As ruler one of his policies was publicizing his belief in Voodoo and no political opposition was required, believed in murder and all judges and officials were appointed by him (as ruler of Haiti).  

Events & Conditions that led people to leave Haiti

The horrible government of Haiti led people to leave. As Papa Doc as ruler people wanted to escape the harsh government. The people of Haiti fleeted to America and the Dominican Republic. In the Haiti government the people believed that it brought back memories of Tyranny and Papa Doc controlled them with an iron first policy that the people disliked so they left.

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