Victorian Society

The Life of the Lower Class

In the 18th Century, The Victorian society began to urbanize causing lowered health stability.  Diseases began to spread from person to person causing sickness and death to all.  Influenza, typhus,typhoid, and cholera were some of the primary diseases of the time in the 19th Century. Because of this on-spread epidemic, many men and women never got to live past the age of 30 (Douglas Laurelyn: Health and Hygiene of the 19th Century). Around the fifth cholera epidemic, Scientist Robert Koch established a way of how cholera spreaded form person to person through contaminated water. With his help, it was possible to establish the germ theory of disease (New York: Carleton, 1866.). Without the steps and precautions taken towards the spread of disease and pestilence, modern society would not have important knowledge and factors to find solutions to high infections.

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