Google Search Tips

1. Define A Word

Type "Define:" followed by the word and google will take you straight to the definition of the word.

2. Search Within A Range Of Prices

First type in your Term. Then separate the lowest and highest prices of the price range you want with two periods (. .). This also works for finding dates for a news article that was published during a certain time.

3. Phone Listing

When someone calls you on a mobile device and you do not know who it is, the Google Phonebook feature allows you to find out by entering "Phonebook:(801)The-Number".

4. Sites Similar To Other Sites

If you want to find a website similar to another website type ""

5. Synonym Search

Instead of searching for the given word only, do a google synonym search. To do this, put a ~ before the key word. This will instruct Google to search for webpages with a word or words that have the same meaning.

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