Martin Luther King

Ambassador of Equality

Now, we have all (more or less) the same rights.

But I wasn't always true. Especially in the United States of America before the 20 centery.

I'm going to speak about a mentor for every people who claims equality and rights. I'm going to present you Martin Luther King.

Martin Luther King was born the 15th of January the 1929. He grow up in a world of racial segregation. When he was six, two white friends said that they couldn't anymore play with him. It was his first experience of this segregation.

He was a delagate of the SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference), an organisation which representives the cival rights of black people. And with this organisation, he prepared with 6 other assotions a walk to Washington for the work and the liberty.

Martin Luther King has been in prison many many times because of his politican opinion but he defended it again and again.

The 14th of October in 1964, he receveid the Nobel Peace prize for his fight againt the racism and for the no-violence in the USA.

He's very famous for a discour that he said the 28th of August in 1963 in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.  Everybody has already heard the sentance "I have a dream today!"

But the 4th of April in 1968, when he was in a balcony of his hotel, Martin Luther King was shot by maybe a white guy. One hour later, a heroe of many people died.

Even if I didn't meet him, I know that this man contributed for the advensment of the equality.

For me his a heroe because he never gived up ! He defended his opinion until the end ! He was very courageous, and he did what anybody has done at this day !

He was one of the most determinated person we've ever known.