Mongols and Yuan dynasty

The mongols were a powerful group of Nomadic people. They were divided into seperate clans which were lead by a chief that had the name "khan". A khan would be the leader, and lead them to war. One khan was so powerful he began to conquer his enemies and reunite the clans. His name is Genghis Khan which means"Universal leader". Genghis Khan would take over a place and make peace with them and let them keep there beliefs while also using there ideas as his own.  At one point during the conquering the earned the name Pax Mongolia. When Genghis Khan died his grandson (Kublai Khan) took over and made the Yuan dynasty. Kublai Khan made his capital in Yuandadu (now Beijing). Kublai Khan then went on to lead his army to capture the capital of the Southern Song dynasty. When he took over he unified china.