K-6 MLearning Options

Puppet Pals

This app allows you to create your own puppet shows with animation and audio

This app could be used at the beginning or the end of a chapter of study. At the beginning it could be used as a preview technique to get the students excited about what is to come. At the end of a study chapter the app could be used to review areas that was studied and emphasis main areas where they need to pay attention to. It is a fun way of going over information that is presented in the chapter.

Bubble and Pebble Story

Kids will love helping these lovable characters undergo adventures and problem solving. Kids can create their own Bubble and Pebble drawings of a new adventure then share these stories and drawings with their peers.

This app would be great for the students to out into action what they just learned. It is a way for interactive learning to happen. In a class setting they could use this program on an interactive whiteboard and play the game together as a group.


This app allows children to create stories using cartoons.


This app allows students to create a podcast of local news remorts.

StoryKit App

Students can create detailed books about their lives, what they imagine, or change the ending of a classic story. This app allows students to take old classic books like the 3 Little Pigs and edit the pages. Students can even tell the story from a different point-of-view.

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