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Hello, my name is Manas Sadangi and currently working as an associate in a company called 1SEOIN. I have been working with the indian seo company 1SEOIN past 2 years now. My academic background includes computer science. I completed before using my technical knowledge in internet marketing domain.

About me

I am the key person 1SEOIN, planning all the internet marketing strategies and methodology for implementing various online marketing techniques. I gathered this expertise due to the knowledge that I gained after working as SR Internet Marketing Manager with a US based company.

My Career

My knowledge in internet marketing field has made me rise above all after mastering various techniques. Internet marketing is extensive domain which is booming with latest technologies, software and applications. My constant update and an urge to gain in-depth knowledge in internet marketing makes me stand out. This has also resulted from my active participation in various national and global e marketing conference.

I have been actively involved in internet marketing after the break in US based company and from that time there was no looking back. After working as SR Internet Marketing Manager, my confidence skyrocketed which made me realize my core strengths. This was later shaped after getting the knowledge from array of e marketing conferences I attended. During conferences, I met many new people and there was constant exchange of useful ideas and thoughts, increased by internet marketing knowledge.

Today after understanding wide aspects of internet marketing domain I feel happy to admit that marketing and branding concepts in online services can be redefined with adequate internet knowledge.

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