The Tales of Spirits in the White House

The White House is of the most historic houses in America. Therefore it is prone to have activity of the living... and the dead. For those of us who believe in such a thing it is called paranormal activity. But hey, I like to spend my free time in graveyards, so why listen to me? However most people will have to admit that these ghost stories are interesting, if nothing else. What if we linked these ghost stories to history?So let us dive into the spooks and ghouls and so on.

First of all, the house is 223 years old.

It has been the home of 43 presidents (as George Washington didn't stick around to see it completed). It has seen battles, fires, and renovations. It has seen the death of children, First Ladies, and of course Presidents.

The North Portico is said to be haunted by Anna Surratt

In 1865, a woman named Mary Surratt conspired in the assassination of President Lincoln. She allowed her boarding house to be used for plan making and participated in the plotting of the unlawful act. She was later hanged that same year and her daughter was of the survivors. Today, you can see her roaming the northern portico, sometimes demanding her mother's liberation. And on July 7th, the anniversary of her mother's death, she mourns on the porch.

The Lincoln Bedroom is haunted by... you guessed it, Lincoln.

I know, totally unexpected. But with humor aside, Abraham Lincoln is a common figure around the executive mansion. In fact, the most famous encounter with his spirit involves former Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.  It goes that Churchill got out of his bath and saw Lincoln's ghostly form standing by the fireplace. The Prime Minister then refused to sleep in the bedroom after this event. This is one of many, many sightings of the 16th President.

The Yellow Oval room is supposedly haunted by three presidents and David Burnes

Mary Todd Lincoln reported seeing Presidents John Tyler and Thomas Jefferson here. Considering its history as Lincoln's library, his well known spirit also resides here on occasion. Also David Burnes (or his voice at least) haunts this custard colored room. Burnes is the original owner of the land that, in 1792, he was forced to give up. It makes sense that he would stay there, still fighting for his land.

Can't you imagine it? Dolley Madison still caring for her roses?

When James Madison and Dolley Madison moved in, Dolley wasted no time getting her rose garden perfect. So when trying to change these grounds, her spirit was said to emerge in a threating tone, urging the workers to leave. And apparently it worked because "Look at those beautiful roses!"

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