Lana Del Rey is; The voice of our generation

By: Sarah VanAvery

Lana Del Rey is the voice of our generation because, she is a good influence without trying to be one. Any actress/actor or famous singer can tell humans the cliche of "it's okay to be yourself" or "be what you want to be don't let anyone tell you different." to look good or seem like good people at heart. Lana does it through her actions and what she wears. She has a good carefree attitude showing that she does what she wants, and she's happy doing it. She dresses how she wants no matter what. and as you can see (from my picture) she can prove that its ok to have extra fat on your body (or how others would say "fat" and/or "chubby") and that you can still look beautiful that way, without her having to say a single word.

Lana is also an inspiration for many people. She shows you that even if you have a horrible lifestyle you can make the best out of it have fun with it, and you'll be ok in the end.

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