Luna Beads Adornment for Femininity

Tired of work? Is your husband out of town? Worry not; for there are Luna Beads to give you company. Luna beads are nothing but Kegel balls. Kegel exercises or vaginal exercises are done with Ben Wa balls famously known as Kegel Balls. These exercises are to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and give them a smooth and shaped structure. Often these exercises are confused for sexual pleasure giving exercises but they do have health benefits. Luna beads are pleasure stimulators used for a heavenly orgasm. With the profit of working out your vaginal muscles these vibrating balls also stimulates the inner walls for a satisfying orgasm.

The Luna beads are heavy plastic balls that are placed inside your vagina. They are available in different weights and sizes. You may prefer to use the most suitable ones as per your fit. Luna beads have been designed in such a way that you may use them while walking, running and sitting on your desk. Theirweight automatically shifts according to your posture making you comfortable and relaxed at the same time.

How to Use Luna Beads?

First of all you need to decide upon the size of the Luna Beads. Post selections try with just one ball if you are new to Kegel exercises. Make sure that your comfort level is very high with one bead before going for the second one. The second bead pounds your inner walls that are more sensitive and hence you muscles strain to keep them intact. Before inserting those into your vagina make sure that you lubricate them with water based lube so that it is not dry and slips in very easily. A starter pack of the lube would be enclosed with the product. Make sure that the cloth string is kept outside the body so that it would be easier to pull the balls out. You can attach the bead balls with the silicon loops provided along with the balls.

Once inside you may prefer to walk, stand or jog as per your preference. The beads weight automatically adjusts with the movements and put pressure on your muscles; forcing your muscles to tighten and relax. This way your muscles are toned and the blood flow is improved. The overall health of the pelvic part of the body also improves. For starters it advised to use it for 15 minutes per day and slowly as you get comfortable you may increase your time.

Other Benefits of the Luna Beads

  • Over the years the Kegel exercises have been also done as pleasure giving exercises. For some women the thought of smooth and heavy plastic balls going inside their vagina is enough to make them horny. Imagine the pleasure after penetration.
  • The bead balls are also provided with a string loop that helps in easy removal. The balls if pushed deeper would be very difficult to pull out. Hence it is advisable to keep the loop outside the vagina when in use.

Buy it to enjoy a healthy and pleasurable experience.