St. George Island

This is what it looks like!

  Every year my mom and I go to Florida to see my mom's best friend who I call my other mother, her name is Paula and we go to St. George Island.  I love it there they have a park and we just have a blast. Paula also has 2 boys and they are like my brothers and we play tag and play other games as well. I go there and I soak my feet into the sand and the water mixes with the sand and it becomes a sand soup.  They have a lighthouse and they also have a park and they have a souvenir shop across the road from the beach. We alsos go to see the Lighthouse and my mom and me get a picture by it whenever we go there. Its like a tradition in our big family.  Last year when we went there, there was a dead jellyfish and my mom touched it then Paula touched it and then after a while I touched it was like a jelly blob trying to swim. I always have a blast there its like my second home.

This is at St. George Island from a map point of view.

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