in session 1 we made models of DNA. Also we learned some basics and definitions in genetics. Explored a history of the science of genetics

session 2

in session 2 we explored the process of mitosis. We also explored the process of meiosis. another thing we did is experiment with combining chromosome pairs

session 3

In session 3 we looked at the two different color plates ant sees what they make. Then we got 3 different colors and got 5 each of them and randomly picked them to see what they got. Another thing we did is make some different kind of genetics.

session 4

we used Lego bricks to simulate alleles. Also we combined alleles to produce offspring. Finally calculate the probability of producing certain offspring

session 5

in session 5 we did we learned the different kinds of traits in a gender. Also we used legos to make different triats. Finally we did a worksheet to help us with the different traits in a gender.

session 6

We learned about ways that genetic research is used in modern society. Also we viewed situations involving the effects of genetic research. Finally we discuss the risks and benefits of genetic research..

session 7

We learned the basic facts about the genes in each gender and they do. Also what the genes do for you. And why they are important.

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