Do you agree or disagree

  Being loyal to your family is important because they are there for you when you need the help but sometimes some of your family will not be there to help you with your problems. Sometimes they backstabe you and tell other people even though they know they can help you. Like the one time when I ask them about boyfriend problems and they told my older sister and they come to talk to me that wasn't fun at all.

 Everyone should follow the law I agree because most of the things you should follow them therefore when people do things wrong they should know there rights. Like when robbed a bank and you got caught then you should know your rights like plead the fifth. When you drive while being drunk and got into a incident you show know your rights.

 Our lives are fated to play out in certain ways. I disagree because you are able to change your fate and should be able to do things that you want. One of my aunt said she didn't want a smoker but got on. My mom don't know how to date in the pass but she got married young maybe everyone fate is different but then but everyone play there one part.

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3 years ago

PaZau, your first and last paragraphs are the strongest. I don't understand quite what you're saying in the middle paragraph. Make sure that you proofread for clarity and also for writing