República de Guatemala

                           By: Makayla Mullins

Guatemala City is the capitol of Guatemala. Guatemala's 2014 population is 15,468,203 people. Their currency is the Guatemalan Quetzal. The Guatemalan Quetzal is equivalent to .13 US Dollar. Their National language is Spanish. Their President is  Otto Pérez Molina. Guatemala is located by Belize, and Honduras.

Here is a list of famous landmarks in Guatemala.

1) Tikal

Tikal is in Northern Guatemala. It houses the largest excavated site on the North American continent, a well-preserved complex of Mayan step pyramids and hieroglyphic carvings covering several square miles.

2)Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is located in the highlands of Guatemala. It is the deepest lake in Central America, and is surrounded by many villages that still practice traditional Mayan ways of life.


Pacaya is an active volcano in the southern Guatemalan mountains near Guatemala City. It has recently been emitting slow-moving lava flows down its slopes. Regular hiking tours set out from the capital city or nearby Antigua into the surrounding national park. Although you aren't aloud to venture out on your own for safety reasons.

Slang used in Guatemala:
  • bagre ( Bah-ray) – uncool
  • ¡qué chulo! – how pretty!
  • vamos al chonguengue? – shall we go to the party?
This is Guatemala's Flag

Guatemala doesn't have a stand out national food, but does have constancy with almost all their meals. All most every meal has black beans, white rice and corn tortillas,and their breakfasts is usually scrambled eggs and fried plantains. Fresh fruit is another common substitute. Guatemala does however have a drink you can get in the U.S. Gallo is the national beer of Guatemala. It is a major brand here in the U.S

Black beans, and rice.

Guatemala can be viewed size wise as slightly smaller than Tennessee. Guatemala's climate is tropical; hot, humid in lowlands, cooler in highlands. Guatemala's geography is mostly mountains, with narrow costal plains, and rolling limestone plateau.  

This is Guatemala's All Saints Day. All Saints Day takes place on November First every year. All Saints Day is Day of the dead. On this day it is a tradition to make giant kites then fly them, and to wear colorful clothes, and picnic by their lost loved ones. I think this is an awesome holiday. These people celebrate the lives the deceased lived instead of mourning for the lives they won't. I think this is a better way to look at life, than what we do here in America.

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