Jessica's music memory list
               W.C Handy

     William Christopher Handy grew up in Alabama. He grew up in a log cabin with his parents. His father was a minister. His father never really liked music and when young William saved his money to buy a guitar his father made him take the guitar back. His father only believed that all music but gospel was sinful. One day a circus man offered his battered cornet and William had just enough to buy it. This time his father was even more angry, but in Williams eyes music was a need for him. William was a great student he was part of the band and sang in a quartet. Once he graduated he left hoping he had enough money to keep him wealthy on his own.When he was out on his own he found a man who he asked if he could do a couple of shows the man couldn't deny.Once he started singing at live shows people loved it and wanted more. A man loved Williams music so much he bought a collection from him and that was enough to get William more clothes.With his talents he was able to get more jobs and that got him traveling across the USA. During one of his concerts his father was in the crowd telling everyone that William was his son. His father was proud of him and he forgave him for doing what his father most hated which was music.

        William wrote blues which meant the music was sometimes very sad. Blues often has a funny thought or note of optimism. It follows the rhythmic pattern and has notes that are flattered or slurred. For improvisation it is often used by jazz musicians. W.C Handy was known as the father of the blues because he was the first to get music published and write the music himself. Back then people knew what the blues were but they just weren't so popular, until WC handy grew in interest of the blues and made it popular by writing “Memphis Blues” and ”Louis Blues”. That is why today William Christopher Handy is known as the father of the blues.

        I like his music but not as much as the music now. His music was well written and it has a good beat. i would encourage people to listen to it even if it’s one time.

              Carl orff

  • Born in Germany
  • Immersed in music growing up military based, pubs, mother played the piano
  • As a child he used music to tell stories
  • Opened a school for music and movement
  • Orff instruments for music classroom
  • After the school was closed down it was bombed during World War II
  • Began teaching other music educators
  • Composed during Modern period
  • Wrote Carmina Burana
  • Has 25 movements
  • Sung in Latin
  • Died in 1982

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