Cost Effective Production

Why must Cadbury (and other businesses) always seek to be Cost Effective?

They must be cost effective as this can help profit. If they waste money away they are less likely to succeed as a business.

What can help a factory to produce more in less time and therefore reduce costs?

Different types of machinery can help businesses improve productivity. This also saves money as they wont have to employ workers to do a machines job.

Why might Cadbury try to reduce its workface and produce at the same level?

they try to reduce the worker because machinery is less expensive than to pay for workers all the time.

Does Cadbury use robotics and JIT?

Cadburys do use robotics at their work place because its cheaper to pay for machinery, and they use JIT.

What are CAD,CAM or CIM? do you think thatcadbury would make use use of any og them?