By: Shelby Godwin ,  Suzie Sykes, and Kyree  Clark

Merchandise Kiosk

Section 1

On the left side

  • More information can be found in brochures about the football team including: stats, player names, player's majors, and positions.
  • Small brochures of upcoming schedules and events happening in stadium

Section 2

Front Side

  • Where cashier and cash register is located to make purchases
  • Main section to view products such as T-shirts, pom poms, hats, keychains, bags, footballs, etc.
  • Products will be arranged by viewing popularity and expense
  • Display case to view more products closer

Section 3

Right side

  • brochures of the cheerleaders name, positions, schooling, and etc.
  • small brochures of upcoming competitions and fundraisers they are putting on


  • T-Shirt = 30.00
  • Football= 25.00
  • Hats= 15.00
  • Signed Jersey= 50.00
  • Pom Poms= 5.00
  • Drawstring bag= 5.00
  • Foam Finger= 5.00
  • Blankets= 20.00


  • Kiosk will be located at both entrance/exit for convenience of having money accessible and the eagerness of walking into the stadium.