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How do I make still images/pictures/titles stay still? iMovie keeps zooming them around fancily!

Click on the image that you want to impact in the timeline.  This will provide options in the preview window above.  Click on the "Pinch to position the start" button (a vertical line with a triangle to the right) and position your image.  Next click on the button below (a vertical line with a triangle to the left) "Pinch to position the end" and position your image.  Try to replicate the exact position of the start position.  This will at the very least minimize the zooming of still images.

Solution found by Patricio Montemayor

I can't record audio! When I click on the microphone nothing happens.

You can, you just have to have something recorded first.  First pull in your images and film, then you can record over.


I can't change the color of boxes and other elements!

On the iPad, no.  But save your work and login on a computer to access your prezi.  From there you can Customize!