What is Propaganda?

You are going to research the fallacies of propaganda.

Using the following information, begin a google drive document and answer the following questions.  Make sure you type the question followed by your answer.  Your answer should be at least one complete sentence.  If the teacher chooses to put a few students together, just complete one google document with both students names at the beginning.

1. What is bias?

Use the following link to answer the question. 

2. What are four forms of bias?

3. Based on what you have learned about bias, what are four ways bias can be seen in our everyday lives?

4. Differentiate between bias and propaganda.

5.Define the following propaganda techniques:

a. bandwagon

b. testimonial

c. card stacking

d. glittering generalities

e. name calling

f. transfer

g. plain folks

You may use your book or the websites above to answer the following questions:

6. What kinds of people use propaganda?

7. Do only bad people use propaganda?

8. What are some places where we hear propaganda?

9. Is it always wrong to use propaganda?

10. Are the viewpoints of propagandists always wrong?

11. Is propaganda always manipulative?

12. Does propaganda always play on our emotions?

13. Is propaganda always irrelevant?

14. Does propaganda always lie?

15. Share your google document with me (debra.killen@wca-hsv.org).

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