My Senior Product

My graduation research paper was about graphic design. I learned about what graphic design is and what graphic designers do. For my senior product I decided to apply what I'd learned. I was able to design the show shirt for my high school's marching band, of which I am apart of. This shirt represents the season's show theme and is worn by all the band members to all football games and marching band competitions.

Paper before Product

Here is my research paper that started it all and led to the creation of the t-shirts and sparked my interest in the field of graphic design.

Below is the link to my research paper.

Designing the T-shirt

Below are all my sketches for the t-shirt design. These sketches show my thinking and thought process. The last picture is the final design I gave to the t-shirt printer.

The Finished Product

Here are some pictures of the t-shirt itself and it being worn by band members and band parents at the Spring Hope Pumpkin Parade.

Product Portfolio

Next you can see my table of contents and timeline for the product portfolio and product approval form below as well as my introduction letter, weekly logs, and weekly reflections.

The Interview

Below are my questions to the graphic designer and his answers. The graphic designer is Timothy Brown, brother to my school's drafting teacher. The interview had to be via email because he lives several hours away.

So why is graphic design important?

Because everything you see that is giving you a message, whether it's a bill board trying to sell you food at the next exit, a book cover wanting you to buy this book, or it a CD cover that's giving an image to the band and it's music, or a catalog that wants to make this product look better than the next product, or wesite that entertains you and gives you information. Graphic design is responsible for that. So it is important to the viewer, so they have something nice to look at. And it's important to the artist, because its a way to do art, get paid for it. And if it's inside you, you just have to do it. Have you ever looked at a CD cover or a website and said, "man I would love to do that?"

What do I design?I started doing this about 1980 professionally, so it was before computers. I designed posters and ads for Hardee's (with Lewis Advertising). I designed ads for Tropicana Casino (which was not exactly my thing.) I designed packages for Hotdogs (BeefMaster). About 1993 I met a guy who started a kayak company and I started doing his catalogs and ads. I went full time with him and did only that. He started another company, and I did the same thing and am still doing it. I also take the photo, on location in action, and also the photos of just the kayaks.

My process of Designing?I pay attention to everything I see out there. Other peoples catalogs and websites. To get a feel for what's going on. Just to be aware. Then I decide if I want what I'm doing too fit in the same basic look or be totally different. And all the training I got in school and on other jobs come into play and I start putting it together.

I work for myself or a company?I have worked for myself. I started working for Lewis Advertising in Rocky Mount. Later moved to Greensboro and worked for another company. Then started working for myself. After a few years, I started working with the kayak company and that about all I do. My advice for you is...Go to design or art school. Go to work for somebody and learn things from them later if you want to do it by yourself, then you can but you will know more of how to function in the workplace.

Applying to College

After learning about graphic design I decided I wanted to pursue a career in it. My first choice school I'd like to attend is North Carolina State University. The NC State College of Design requires a portfolio. Below are the pieces in my portfolio as well as my personal statement.

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