Road to Emmaus (Luke 24)

By Austin Jones, Period 5

In Jerusalem were two young men walking to Emmaus. As these two men are walking another man overhear's their conversation so he decides to join. These men don't know it yet but this man is Jesus

Jesus asks what these men are talking about, and they say that there was a man who was recently crucified for teaching blasphemy. They told jesus that he was buried in a tomb, and three days later women went to the tomb and found nothing there. While in shock these women see a vision with an angel, with the angel saying that this Prophet is still alive.

As the conversation came to an end, they arrived at Emma's. Jesus tried to go on passed the village but the two men encouraged him to stay and have supper with them. As they eat dinner, Jesus sits down and breaks the bread. As soon as he does this, the eyes of the men are open, and they realize that they are in the presence of Jesus. As they realized Jesus left there sight.

The two men got up and left for Jerusalem. A they arrive they go to the 11 disciples and they tell them that they had been in the presence of Jesus, and it is in fact true that he is alive.

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3 years ago

Great Job, Austin! You do an excellent job of retelling the story and pulling in good pictures and sound effects. I would recommend putting the music higher so that people can listen to it while they read your tackk.