Galapagos Travel Comes With a Few Distinct Rules

Vacationers who set sail for Galapagos Island tours are heading for a part of the world that has been largely untouched by man. Located several hundred miles west of Ecuador, this island chain draws visitors for a number of reasons. The region was made famous courtesy of Sir Charles Darwin who landed there on his trip aboard the Beagle. Noted for its distinct geographical formations and unusual flora and fauna, the Galapagos remains pristine in many regards, which is why locals work so hard to preserve it.

Considering the number of sights and creatures found only in the region, visitors who book Galapagos travel will discover they aren’t quite as free to explore some major attractions as they might be elsewhere in the world. The rules are put into place to ensure visitors and creatures, such as Galapagos tortoises, are kept safe.

One of the region’s biggest attractions, Galapagos National Park, has some rather rigid rules in place to protect everyone and the beauty of the park. Some of the things those on Galapagos Island tours need to be mindful of include:

Guides – Visitors to Galapagos National Park must always been in the company of a certified park guide. This is because the park has a rather fragile environment that must be protected for generations to come.

Don’t wander off the beaten path – Visitors to the park will find they are asked to stick to the marked walking trails and not to wander off. This is for guest safety and that of the fauna and flora.

Stay away from the animals – The Galapagos is home to many creatures that are only found here. To protect them and visitors, the park has rules that restrict visitors from coming within two meters of the animals. It is also against the rules to feed the animals.

Keep the landscape beautiful – While camping is allowed in some places within the park, fires and smoking are off limits. So is etching or writing on rocks or trees. The idea behind the rules is to prevent devastating permanent damage to the unusual landscapes.

Vacationers who embark on Galapagos travel are likely to encounter some of the most unique, amazing sights found anywhere in the world. Travel here, however, does come along with some rules. Visitors are asked to follow them to protect the islands’ beauty now and in the future.

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