Doesn't matter, ya dark, ya light, ya black, ya white, whatever you think don't make it right, all this leads to is just too much fights, why can't we all just go out side and fly a kite.

Verse 1:

If I only can say one thing

It's gotta be about something about race

you can't win what I'm talkin bout is skin

Black brown white or even light does it matter which one is right

I'm about to pass on the mic to my bestie Andrew right.....


Gotta stick with my inner black

White girls I cannot even mack

Society blind sided me like a sack

Yo dirty mouth you need a tic tac

Just thinking about it gave me a headache

Those shoes on yo feet is what my people make

Acting tough but you sweet, like cake

Because I'm a lightskin I listen to Drake?


Verse 2:

Realism no joke

Racism no joke

regardless of the color your folks be

flawless it ought to be

only if you real with me

honestly if you would

stop the racism if you could

I'll guarantee loyalty

and that's honesty

that real it be.


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