Outlining your movie...

1. AS ALWAYS (:)), watch the documentary of the day and make 2 comments in Edmodo.

2. IF you haven't finished your pitch, STOP! (and get that pitch finished). Schedule a "Pitch Meeting" with Ms. Beth ASAP.

3. If you HAVE finished your pitch, time to start "outlining" your movie. First things first, you want to figure out what message you're trying to convey in your movie. Think back to your FAVORITE documentary that we've watched so far this summer. Tell your teammates why it was your favorite!

4. Download this document (by clicking on the "down" arrow in the upper-middle part of your screen) and answer the four key questions. You can either type the questions (and turn in one template for your group) OR make a vlog or sketch where you answer each question. Your choice... just make sure you all have an equal say!

5. Watch my silly outlining mission video:

6. Download this form and begin to outline your video. You can either do it by typing into the doc or as a vlog or skit.

7. High fives and boogie in your seat.