Korea War

June 25,1950 to July27,1953

Who: North Korea,Soviet Union and People's Republic China. South Korea,U.S,Great Britain and The United Nations.

What: North Korean and South Korea are in a war. North Korea invaded South Korea on June 25,1950 that stared the war. The two sides did not get along and there was constant skirmishes. Some battles were along the border at the 38th parallel.

Were: The war was in both North and South Korea.

When: June 25,1950 to July 27,1953

Why: North and South Korea stared a war because before World War Two the Korean Peninsula had been a part of  Japan.After the war it needed to be divide up. The Northern half went under the control of the Soviet Union and the Southern half under control of the U.S. The two sides were divide at the 38th parallel.

Summary: North and South Korea had a war that started by World War Two Korea split into to parts. North Korea invaded South Korea that was the first day of the war. They did not get along.

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