Meet "Stef"

Hi everyone! This week we are meeting "Stef". She came to us  after she took some time for herself after her divorce. In her letter, she told us that she had always been the "big" girl growing up and she decided to make a change.  She hired a trainer and started losing weight.  The end, right?  Stef admitted however that the key to her weight loss was slim-fast shakes and starvation.  She gained all the weight back and then some.  She never learned how to eat! All of these hits really took their toll on Stef's self esteem.   She had built up a wall around her that she used to protect her hurt feelings and we had to give her a safe place to practice being vulnerable.  It was WEEKS before she let us in.  I sent Stef the speech by FDR- the man in the arena- We figured out that Stef "sits out" in life sometimes and this prevents her from succeeding in her health goals

Stef today

Stef has stepped into the "Arena" in the last 2 months and she is getting her ass kicked pretty regularly!  She is learning to live a lifestyle and she is getting stronger and more confident by the day.  These are Stef's own words about how she is doing:

" Taking a chance is what I did by writing an essay to 2 very incredible people who have huge hearts that are willing to help.

When I was chosen I knew this was it.  It is a chance to win my life back.  But who are the other 4 girls and what if I was the heaviest one and couldn't do it?  Doubts and negativity were setting in.  A new lifestyle that I wasn't used to and putting all of my trust into people that I don't know, I was intimidated.

All I can say is since I started this new journey I am down 20 pounds!  I didn't starve myself or use powders to lose weight.  I was taught that you need protein, carbs and fats in every meal.  That eating 5 times a day is a must and taking time to exercise even if you can do 15 minutes here and there is great, you just have to get off your butt!

It was a struggle of course, I'm not going to lie but the struggle was for the first time putting myself 1st. This took PREPARATION!  After a month I realized this was pretty simple.  I now look at other people's diets and say, Wow! they don't have enough.....(protein, carbs, fat)  It's a lifestyle of learning and I'm ready to keep it forever!

I've realized since I started this group I've gained close friends that I can rely on when I start doubting myself.  I learned that the number on the scale is not going to  run my life, I will.  That feeling I have inside when I put an outfit on that used to be tight and is now loose, I'll take that any day! I have a new confidence within myself! It's amazing!"

My favorite of the day! SON OF A DING DONG! xoxo

Stef is an amazing lady! She is a different person since I met her in more ways than just 20 pounds lighter! So happy to see her happy aagain! xoxo

Every week the ladies do video journals, sharing on struggles and successes, We put them on our group page and this really helps the group connect with one another.  The most powerful words in this program are "me too" if you are hearing something or reading something from these ladies and you can say those words, you have just discovered the secret to your success!  You are not alone.  

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