TRENDING NEWS:  Monday, April 20th 2015

Tragedy in South Korea:
What Didn't Get Reported

Around this time last year, this happened.

A ferry carrying 476 people, including a whole junior class of Danwon High School, sank due to multiple reasons. Out of 476 passengers and crews, 305 people died in this disaster, and out of those 305 victims, 250 of them were students. However, that is not what I'm here to talk about.

April 16th was one year anniversary of the disaster.

Memorial altars were installed around the country for people who want to pay tribute
Also in Seoul, tens of thousands of people were gathered, paying tribute to victims and giving condolences to their families.

It says "There are still people in the ferry." The ferry is still in the same place, bodies still trapped inside of it. The government hasn't salvaged the ship yet because "it is a waste of tax money", apparently.

There was no real sign of violence. People genuinely wanted to show respects for those who died in the disaster.

But Then This Happened...

Police forces started blocking people from visiting the memorial altar located in Gwanghwa-moon, Seoul.

...and you could see something was about to go down.

even the smallest path to the altar was blocked by police.

Literally, there was no way in, and no way out.

People just wanted to pay respects, but instead of families of the victims, they confronted police forces.

police started shooting tear gas at people directly in their face in order to disassemble a group of people attempting to pay their respects.

These people were surrounded by police buses, completely isolated from the outside.

What once was a peaceful place turned into a warzone.

This is one of the victims' father. He was being pushed off from a top of a bus by police.

It also has revealed that the headquarter promised to give awards to police who arrested civilians the most. It is reported that over 100 people were being arrested. 16 of them were families of the victims.

So where was the President during all this?

She visited Colombia on the anniversary day. What a convenient choice, eh? She told the people that she was invited by the Colombian government to discuss about their foreign relationship. However, turns out, she was the one who asked if she could visit.

It is also important to notice that she has never seen in public wearing a yellow ribbon.

In case you don't know, a yellow ribbon in South Korea is a symbol commemorating the victims of the ferry disaster.

Even foreign leaders/representatives were wearing it when they were visiting South Korea.

that includes Pope Francis.

This whole thing was not broadcasted well enough on any major news channels. Twitter was the only source for people outside to know what was actually going on. It is truly disgusting how the government is talking about democracy and freedom while oppressing small voices. I hope this could be a step forward for South Korea in terms of achieving a healthy democracy.

Headlines: Monday, April 20th 2015

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That part was so so sad I would have to go on that ship

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I agree on that it was not good

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it looks so sad

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so sad

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Sad :( but this isn't only in that country but in every country, corrupt politicians do anything to get votes, they ruled by divide and rule theory.

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