Elementary Kids Can Code Too!

Julie Rivas-Lopez
Instructional Technology Specialist

Opportunities to learn about robotics and coding have been made available to very few students, but now with the push for STEM and STEAM activities, more and more students are being exposed in the younger grades. We will be sharing various apps and other resources that you can take back to your classroom to have your elementary students coding too!

There are quite a few apps available now that make introducing students to code fairly easily. Below you will find some of our favorites.

Organize your own Hour of Code between Dec 7 - 13 in celebration of Computer Science Education Week or do it at anytime! You can register your event on the hourofcode.com website and have access to resources to help you along the way.

Dash and Dot make introducing code fun and exciting for younger students! These cute little bots are controlled and programmed through Apple and Android mobile devices with a Bluetooth connection. There are 3 main apps available that begin with manual control with GO, then move to sequences and sensors with PATH and lastly BLOCKLY goes into fundamental programming concepts that allows students to build code through a block-like structure. An additional app is available called XYLO that works with the xylophone attachment.

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