Downer College

In March 1854, a college for young women was developed. It was created in Fox Lake, Wisconsin. The college was created by a Baptist religious group for young Baptists. A man named Thomas G. Eggleston held the contract to build the college. It would cost $6,000 on a 5 acre lot in the heart of Fox Lake. The lot was on the west side of College Avenue, between Cherry and Green Street. The college was three stories high and made out of stone. The college opened in October 1856. 58 students were enrolled for three terms with a tuition of $14.50 to $25.00. The Congregational church was across the street. Later the entire college was then named Downer College. Then in 1889 renovation took place. Bathrooms were installed and so were new rooms. Later the college was moved to Milwaukee in 1895.

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