In September of 1953, a 6-year-old boy named Bobby Greenlease was kidnapped from his own school. A woman who claimed to be his aunt told one of the SIsters what Bobby's mother just had a heart attack. After the two left in a cab, the Sister called Bobby's family to check up on his mother and found out that she was completely fine, therefore the nun and family concluded that the woman's story was false. The kidnappers left a dozen rasom notes in hopes of obtaining $600,000 and made 15 phone calls telling the Greenleases to pay up if they wanted Bobby to be brought back safely within 24 hours.


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Bobby Greenlease


Carl Austin Hall

Bonnie Emily Brown Heady

Tom Marsh


The services of a cab driver, a prostitute, and a copious amounts of alcohol for Carl Hall lead the cab driver who drove him to a motel to call the police

Hall's purchases of two large garbage cans anda  shovel (later left the cans in a deserted club house)

Blood stains were found on the basement floor

Bobby was shot with a .38 caliber revolver (shell casings on the floor) and buried in a shallow grave beneath a trellis on Bonnie Heady's property


The detective

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